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    Park International Hotel has been selected as a winner of the TripExpert Experts' Choice Award!

    We are delighted to share that Park International has won a new award! Fewer than 2% of hotels worldwide receive the award. 

    Based on 1M+ reviews from 85 different publications, the award is bestowed on only the most outstanding hotels. TripExpert takes a new approach to ratings by using only professional reviews from travel guides, magazines, newspapers and other respected sources.

    With approval from reviewers including Oyster and Star Service, Park International Hotel is featured on as one of the best hotels in London.

    We have also received TripExpert's Best of London award. Reviewers agree that it is an outstanding choice for accommodation in London.

    About TripExpert: 

    Based in New York City, TripExpert aggregates professional reviews of hotels, restaurants and points of interest. On, travelers can read over 1M reviews from leading travel media. TripExpert provides an alternative to sites powered by user reviews.