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    Park International is a Green Tourism Hotel

    Hotels, just like other businesses in the hospitality sector, have a responsibility to guests to provide the best service possible, not only in the room you’re staying in but with every aspect of your stay. One area that many hotels in London don’t take into account is how green and environmentally friendly they are from top to bottom.

    At Park International, we wanted to proactively break the mould and seek help to see how we stand currently as a green business and what changes we can make to become one of the most environmentally friendly hotels in Kensington. To do so, we recently were assessed by Green Tourism.

    What is Green Tourism?

    Green Tourism is a UK based scheme which helps those in the tourism sphere to know if their company can be deemed as a “green-friendly” businesses for tourists, and where improvements can be made to act responsibly.

    With a thorough assessment, their experts have helped us see if we can provide a greener customer experience, while also saving costs and resources. 

    What factors determine whether Park International is a Green Tourism hotel?

    Factors we were assessed on include: 

    • Reducing energy use
    • Saving water
    • Actively encouraging guests to visit greener attractions that help promote biodiversity
    • How we can become more sustainable from top to bottom.

    After a full assessment, we were pleased to find out that the hotel had been deemed a bronze level business by Green Tourism. 

    How did Park International achieve a bronze rating?

    We already had several measures in place that make us a greener business, especially when it comes to our energy usage. As many companies don’t even achieve a level this high on their first assessment, we are delighted with their findings and designation.

    Does the rating affect the average stay at Park International? 

    The rating will only have a positive effect on your stay as you know you’re now staying somewhere that is actively greener for guests.

    What improvements can Park International take towards being more environmentally responsible? 

    Our next goal is to achieve a silver rating, something many businesses in London have yet to do.